A NUISANCE from Worcester with a habit of stealing alcohol from shops will be placed on a tighter leash.

Justin Wynn was made subject to a criminal behaviour order last Friday. The 42-year-old of no fixed abode appeared in the remands court in Kidderminster after being arrested on warrant from the court for failing to appear at Worcester magistrates court the day before.

He faced several matters - attempting to steal alcohol from Nisa Local in Barbourne Road, Worcester, attempted criminal damage to a window in Barbourne Road, attempted theft of alcohol from Asda in Worcester all committed on January 6 this year.

He also stole alcohol from Sainsbury on January 5, from B&M Bargains on January 17 and alcohol from a city Texaco garage on Christmas Day last year.

Wynn was sentenced to a total of 38 weeks in prison, suspended for two years. The CBO was also granted for three years with the following prohibitions: not to enter Sainsburys Store or garage, Windermere Drive, Worcester; not to urinate in any public place, save for public toilets; not to refuse to leave a premises or area when asked by someone who has authority to do so, this includes when attending the soup kitchens run by volunteers.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: "CBOs are a tool to tackle antisocial behaviour (that is any behaviour that causes alarm harassment or distress) so behaviour that is not ordinarily an existing crime, although restrictions can be added that are in line with some criminal offences, ie those that fall under the Public Order Act. It is this nuisance behaviour that causes significant harm to the community that without the use of a CBO, the police sometimes find difficult to resolve meaningfully.

"It offers police the power of arrest (if necessary) of persons involved in such behaviour at the earliest opportunity. Often before behaviours escalate to the commission of more serious criminal offences, ie it is a useful preventative measure for more serious harm being caused."

CBO restrictions can remain in place for up to five years.