WARM enough but very wet – if you’re heading to the beer garden this week you will need your brolly.

Flash showers have caught short those daring to go out in a t-shirt rather than a coat over the past week and the run up to pubs welcoming back punters indoors seems set to look the same.

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Today (Tuesday) will see more scattered showers, heavy and possibly thundery at times and they will form and persisting throughout the day.

Mild temperatures will be offset by brisk winds with a maximum temperature of 17 °C.

The showers will become less frequent through the evening with clear spells for many too. Winds will ease through another mild night and temperatures could drop as low as 5 °C.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be another day of sunshine and showers, again heavy and potentially thundery at times.

Persistent heavy rain will then move up from the south during the evening to give us heavy rain early on Thursday but that will soon clear to leave isolated showers and clear spells.

After a clear and dry morning on Friday, scattered showers arrive and persist into Saturday with the weekend weather set to be hit and miss again, particularly when it comes to rain during daytime hours.