ILLEGALLY parked cars and overflowing bins are just some of the issues that have been reported on a website dedicated to showcasing local street crime and issues.

FixMyStreet, allows local people to file any reports and community issues. These issues are then automatically flagged with the relevant local councils.

It was a built by the charity mySociety, a non-profit organization which helps people with technology, research and data that individuals, journalists, and civil society can use, openly and for free.

Here are some of the issues that have been reported by Worcester residents on the website:

Car continually blocking my path

This was reported on 4 May 2021.

The anonymous posting said a black car “continually blocks the footpath” near Coombs Road.

They wrote: “The route is regularly used by school children heading to Northwick manor. This must belong to someone local as it is there most days.”

Cars are parked illegally

This was posted on 18 April 2021.

The anonymous poster wrote: “Two cars are both parked on both double yellow lines and on footpath- it makes it impossible for me to get my car out.”

This was reported near Lansdowne Walk.

Dangerous parking

On 17 March one user complained about dangerously parked vehicles over the junction where Cannon Street meets Foxwell Street.

They wrote: “This is obscuring the view of drivers and has caused a number of near misses. The vehicles are being irresponsibly parked.

“This is a persistent parking problem on the junction.”

No road markings

One user thinks the road markings at Whittington roundabout in Worcester.

On 10 March of this year, they wrote: “There are no road markings and signs are unclear.

“Countless accidents have been dodged with cars being in left lane of J7 exit (for Pershore exit and to re-join M5 south bound) to then take 3rd exit on roundabout towards Whittington.

“When you are in correct lane to exit for Whittington the cars in the incorrect lane are then in your left side blind spot.

“The traffic lights from J7 exit northbound are then a hazard as you are having to negotiate a car on your left which shouldn't be there and also watch out for traffic stopped at the lights- you only have one pair of eyes.

I have had a number of near misses and witnessed near misses with being in the correct lane and moving over to the inside lane for the Whittington exit.”

Continual parking on double yellow and school zig zag markings

Someone submitted a complaint about illegally parked cars on Church Lane, Whittington.

They wrote: “Two vehicles are continually parked on double yellow and school zig zag markings. It’s a dangerous blind corner hence the markings.”

Mass of litter on the M5

This is one of the most commented on reports on the site.

The issue concerns litter on the M5 between junction 7 to the M6. The anonymous user described the littering as a “national disgrace”.

They added: “I haven't been on this journey for over a year but had to travel to Walsall as my dad has been taken seriously ill. I don't think I have ever seen so much rubbish on the sides of the motorway as is there at the moment.”

Highways England have looked into the issue and sent a response.

They wrote: We will be continuing to look for opportunities to schedule ]litter] picks along the M5, as our schedule of maintenance and safety critical works allow.

“I am sorry that I’m not able to give you a date for this work at this time. We will be continuing to monitor this situation as part of our routine inspections.”

Bins and Rubbish in Farne Avenue

Last December, one user reported a rubbish and litter issue in Farne Avenue.

They wrote: “Bins and rubbish are constantly being left on the side of the road in Farne Avenue between Grasshopper Avenue and Stroma Avenue.

“The bins are never taken in and are often just left on the footpath. Various items of rubbish have also started to be dumped there with no sign of it being removed.”

Graffiti on power building

This issue was raised about a building near Romney Way last November.

They wrote that “green spray paint was used to vandalise substation brickwork.”

In January, they supplied an update and wrote: “Reported to council, but council have said it is a privately owned building and cannot action it.”