POLICE have confirmed the investigation into three men who were allegedly “stamping on and beating” a man in Worcester has been closed with no arrests made.

West Mercia Police attended an incident on the grounds of the Texaco garage on Tolladine Road at around 7pm on Sunday, April 18, following reports of an assault.

Resident Azad Hussain called police and then called 101 after officers had arrived to express concern that the three men, who he says fled into the garage shop, had not been arrested.

Mr Hussain said that happened after a flurry of people sitting outside the Virgin Tavern on the opposite side of the road had intervened, although he stressed no one other than the three men had been involved in the assault.

He said “people were shouting and pointing at the garage, saying the three guys were in there and to arrest them” and that “people from the pub had come across” when police were there but “nothing was done”.

Two further witnesses, who did not wish to be identified, separately corroborated much of Mr Hussain’s account but neither passed comment on whether they believed police had spoken to the alleged culprits.

Mr Hussain said alleged perpetrators then left in an Audi at around 10pm that night, leaving “the community at large” believing “the police hasn’t done anything about them.”

At the time police said officers had spoken to “several people” and were “continuing to actively investigate the assault” but the leads came to nothing.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: “No arrests were made as a result of the investigation which has now been closed,”

“However, any new evidence received will be thoroughly investigated. We could only go as far as the evidence and statements would take us.

“We had CCTV images from inside the store but we were not able to identify the suspects through information given to us by the people who were interviewed and the victim did not want to make a statement.”