AN AUTHOR has published his first book, inspired by the #MeToo social media movement as well as the local community of Worcestershire.

The writer is releasing his debut novel, Game of Life, on May 15 after basing the novel’s fictional town on the scenery and geography in Worcestershire.

Philip Parrish, 42, from Wychbold, said:”Moving to the area four years ago definitely reinvigorated my creativity. The surrounding environment has beautiful areas that really gave me the headspace to even write it. The book wouldn’t have been the same without the beautiful Worcestershire countryside”.

As well as being influenced by topical issues such as #MeToo, Mr Parrish said Game of Life “owes a huge debt” to the Worcestershire area, whose diversity, scenery and geography inspired him during the book’s development. He said: “The beautiful areas have found their way in to the book subtext to the story and influenced the writing”.

He added: “The book explores how communities experience rapid change yet leave traces of the past behind. The woodland, canals, industrial heritage and expansion of Wychbold and the surrounding area were all terrific creative fuel for this”.

The book is a psychological mystery novel that explores a spiritual and historical take on the #MeToo movement that took social media by storm in 2017 after numerous people came forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. Set in the fictional market town of Tollgate, the story is about the Porlock family, who are coming to terms with the loss of their daughter.

He said: “I hope readers finish Game of Life with a greater sense of connection to the world around them, wherever they live. Not just with their family, neighbours and communities, but with the past, present and future too.”

The book will be available to purchase on Amazon as an e-book priced £4.99 and in paperback priced £8.99.