AFTER facing the elements outside for weeks for the first time Worcester residents took advantage to go inside city pubs and cafes on Monday.

As part of the latest lockdown easing venues were able to reopen inside from Monday, and many customers did not wait around making sure they were among the first to take advantage.

University of Worcester student Emily Jones was among those to enjoy a lunchtime drink in the Slug and Lettuce with her friends, and said she had been waiting for this day for a while.

"It has been really nice to go out and inside a pub again," she said.

"It has been a nice day and we could have sat outside, but we wanted to go inside.

"It is a bit scary - I'm looking forward to getting the vaccine as I will feel a lot more comfortable doing stuff like this."

Frank Daily, who was enjoying a pint in The Exchange, said: "It is nice to be back.

"I have no reservations about coming in. Life needs to go in, we need to get back to normal."

Stacey O'Neill, landlady of The Exchange said: "It has been busy.

"Before we opened we had a few people asking what kind of things we had in place. We made them aware we had social distancing, track and trace.

"Those who have come back today have been really happy with what we are doing."

Nick Gjoli, landlord at the Eagle Vaults, said: "There may be people who have been staying away, but now we are open normally it (their return) could happen like a wave.

"Within a few weeks we will be up and running, especially after June 21 (the next lockdown easing date)."

Alex Pope, landlord of The Paul Pry, added it had been busy when they opened their doors, with pub-goers waiting to come in for a drink.

It wasn't just pub-goers enjoying indoors, as cafes also welcomed back people.

One of those enjoying a coffee in Francini Cafe De Colombia was Charlotte Taylor, who works at the University of Worcester.

"I have been counting down the days," she said.

"I work in the building opposite (Francini's), and would come here regularly, but the last time would have been December. This is my second trip today."

Zeke Marthi, manager at Francini Cafe De Colombia said: "It has been really busy, it is great to have people sat down for us for the first time in five months. We have had a lot of people in.

"It is great to see the regulars again, and we have had a lot of new people.

"People are over moon to be able to sit in again."