A SWAN rescue has praised the fire service for their part in a rescue that saved the life of a beaten swan trapped on a river bank.

Wychbold Swan Rescue were unable to set an injured swan free after it had been battered by a rival swan on Sunday (May 16) at Diglis Lock. West Midlands Fire Service were called for assistance at 10.30 am and managed to deliver the swan back to the rescue service for critical care.

John Stewart, 72, volunteer at at Wychbold Swan Rescue, said: "We were concerned for it's life. He'd got onto the bank but it was too steep for us to get down. We're just so thankful for the fire brigade. We called them and they were extremely helpful".

He added: "It was quite dramatic. At one point the other swan held it's neck under water to drown it. If the fire brigade didn't arrive, the poor chap would have lost it's life".

The swan has been in the care of the rescue service, recovering from serious injuries. Mr Stewart said: "He is slowly getting better and will be released in two days".