A TEENAGER who spent Christmas in prison after stealing and damaging nativity figurines outside the Guildhall will be home for New Year.

Christopher Geisler was remanded in custody last week after District Judge Bruce Morgan said he could not understand why anybody would commit such an offence.

Today 18-year-old Geisler, who had admitted theft and criminal damage at an earlier hearing, appeared in the city's Magistrates Court to answer questions about the offences.

He was released from custody and granted bail, on condition he resides at his home in Leopard Road, Newtown, reports to Castle Street police station in Worcester between 5pm and 6pm every Thursday, and attends a probation appointment.

The teenager stole the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus from the nativity scene outside Worcester's Guildhall on Tuesday, December 11. Both figures were recovered but had a total damage of £500.

John Coverdale, former president of the Rotary Club of Worcester, which has been responsible for staging the Nativity scene for several years, was in court.

Speaking after the hearing he said he wanted to offer the teenager help.

"He has got a short, sharp lesson," he said. "My feelings were mixed regarding the remand because my view is that this man needs helping."

Geisler - who is also charged with other offences - will appear in court on Wednesday, January 16, for a pre-sentence review.