STAR Ricky Tomlinson has used his spot supporting the Worcestershire Health and Social Care Awards 2021 to slam a proposed one per cent NHS pay rise.

The actor, known for playing Jim Royle in hit BBC show the Royle Family, said he would “take to the streets” with banners and placards to support the NHS in a passionate video.


In the video, which will be shown during our awards ceremony this week, the 81-year-old highlights his NHS treatment - including a four way bypass, a rare skin condition Nodular Prurigo and recently having cataracts removed - saying it had been the best treatment in the world.

Mr Tomlinson, who at times gets emotionally, says: “I don’t like being serious, I like to have a laugh and make people laugh, and I like being happy.

"But when I see the NHS workers are getting a one per cent rise I was outraged, because the way inflation has gone you have had a pay cut.

“You have had a pay cut for saving people’s lives, for putting your lives on the line, looking after people with Covid.

"I know you all wore those masks, but it took them long enough to get you the proper protective gear. If fires me up, I’m sorry to be like this.

"But listen, the NHS it is the best in the world bar none. Our care workers are unbelievable, they do an incredible job and I am so proud of our NHS.

"I will not have a word said against it and if push comes to shove and if the NHS has got to demonstrate again, do we a favour give me a shout.

"Let me be on the front. Let me shout ‘Boris Johnson, one per cent rise? My arse’.

"I get so angry because I am so passionate. I’m so passionate about care workers, the work they do.

"Where else in the world would you get treatment like you get here. They are unsung heroes and sometimes they are not appreciated, and we have got to change that culture.”

Mr Tomlinson, who revealed one of his brothers had died from Covid last year, adds his congratulations to our finalists adding “The mere fact you have been nominated is a prize in itself. God bless you all.”

Mr Tomlinson is one of a number of stars set to feature in the awards being streamed on Worcester News’ Facebook this Thursday night from 7pm.

It runs for about an hour, and you don’t need to have a Facebook profile/account to watch.

Award categories being contested include Health Care Team, Care Hero, Care Home Worker, Domiciliary Home Worker, Good Nurse, Care Trainer, Child and Adolescent Health, Dementia Carer, Palliative/End of Life, Mental Health, Health Care Employer and GP Practice of the Year.