A HEADTEACHER has spoken out after one of his pupils was hospitalised following a dangerous 'TikTok craze'.

Ellis Tripp, an 11-year-old pupil at Nunnery Wood High School, is still in hospital recovering from major surgery after five magnetic balls were found in his bowel and intestine.

Headteacher Steve Powell has spoken out about the dangers of the 'magneto balls' after revealing he had 'confiscated several sets from students'.

Mr Powell said: "Everyone in the Nunnery Wood High School community has been thinking about Ellis and his family as they go through this dreadful ordeal. School staff have been in touch with family members and we know that he is recovering after significant, major surgery.

"We’ve been told that his hospital in Birmingham has dealt with six children with injuries caused by magnets over the past week – showing that this is a serious national problem.

"I’ve shared what we know with all the secondary headteachers in Worcestershire so that they can do all they can to keep their students safe. Students at Nunnery have been taught about the dangers these magnets pose and we’ve confiscated several sets from students – and will continue to do so.

"We all wish Ellis and his family strength over the coming weeks.”

Sue Davies, 50, Ellis's grandmother said the boy is "hooked up to tubes and wires" as his body tries to fight the infection caused by his bowel leaking.

Speaking to the Worcester News on Sunday, she said: "He is seriously, seriously ill.

"Two major surgeries in just a few days isn't good for anybody, let alone a child. I am absolutely gutted, it's a very worrying time.

"It has been a truly horrific experience. We didn't think this could have ever happened to us, these tiny magnetic balls have caused such damage."

It is feared Ellis may have been performing a dangerous TikTok craze which sees youngsters pretend to have their tongue pierced.

The viral prank sees people place two magnetic balls either side of their tongue and wiggle it around, creating an optical illusion that their piercing is stationary.

However, it is not clear how Ellis managed to swallow the balls as his family say they do not have any in the house and the schoolboy does not have TikTok.