THIS year’s popular Worcestershire Health and Social Care Awards ceremony is being streamed on Facebook, and it’s going to be an event to remember!

You can watch it from 7pm on Worcester News' Facebook tomorrow, May 27.

It runs for about an hour, and you don't need to have a Facebook profile/account.

Good Morning Britain star Dr Hilary Jones will be your host, and some household names will be making guest appearances.

But the real stars will be those nominated for one of our awards. They will have some especially inspiring stories to tell that will make it a truly uplifting occasion.

We want you to get the most of out the evening by watching with friends where you can do so safely, and by sharing your messages, pictures and videos on social media.

So here’s our guide to how you can get involved:

1. Watch in real time if you can. The awards ceremony will be streamed from 7pm, but the video will remain available to view on the Worcester News Facebook page afterwards. It will, though, be more fun to watch it as it happens, so you can share the emotion of the evening as it unfolds with others.

2. Ideally, watch it in the same place as well as the same time as friends and colleagues – as long as you can observe the coronavirus rules on social gatherings. Don’t forget to arrange some drinks and nibbles. If you have a potential winner in your party you might even want to quietly put a couple of bottles of bubbly on ice just in case! You’ll need a big box of tissues too, because there’s no getting away from it… it’s going to be an emotional night!

3. If you are watching alone at home bookmark the Worcester News Facebook page in advance so you are all ready for the show before it starts. If you are not confident about using Facebook ask a friend to give you a demo of the basics – it really isn’t difficult to use.

You can view the show on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Some TVs also give you access to Facebook. You don't have to have a Facebook profile or be a regular Facebook user to watch the video.

4. Don’t just watch the show – take part too! The video will be streamed in a Facebook post that you can share with your friends. You can also add your comments, emojis and photos. Send your best wishes to the nominees and congratulations to the winners, tag family and friends to bring them into the fun, share pictures of your celebrations if someone you know wins an award, and show your appreciation as often as you can for the wonderful people in Worcestershire who have faced up to Covid every day with courage and determination to care for you or your loved ones.

5. And you can also join in the fun on Twitter and Instagram. You won’t be able to watch the awards ceremony on those platforms, but you can certainly post messages of support and share your celebrations. Include the #WSCawards hashtag so we can find your posts and share them as widely as possible, or just tag us: @worcesternews.