WORCESTERSHIRE PRIDE will be back this September, after last years parade was cancelled due loss of funding over the pandemic.

The organisation will be holding the event on September 18, after promising to come back "bigger and better" in a statement last year, when they announced the loss of donations.

Mathew Skilbeck, chairman, said: "Worcestershire Pride is in full process of organising this year's event and believe now more than ever we need a festival to bring things back to normality .Pride month is well underway now and it's a shame most festivals are postponing or cancelling again due to various issues".

He added: "Ourselves at Worcestershire Pride are seeing these effects, we provide a 'free to attend pride' which means we can only operate if we get funding from sponsorship or donations and fundraisers. It's great to see so many companies showing support during pride month by changing their company logos to the pride colours".

The group are actively seeking support for funding. They posted on Facebook: "We need YOU!! As Worcestershire Pride is a strictly not for profit event, we rely on donations, volunteers and good old fashioned kindness to make Pride happen".