'DISGUSTED' parents are angry no action will be taken against a Worcester man they say has made sexual comments and sent inappropriate messages to four girls.

The girls and their families have been told by West Mercia Police there is not enough evidence to charge the man with any offences after one child received a message from him, claiming he was 15.

However, the parents of the girls do not agree and say police has not done enough, speaking of how angry and disappointed they are by the decision, one dad saying he 'could not put it into words'.

The parents say that the Worcester man also sent an indecent image of himself to one of the girls but that the photo had disappeared when he deleted the account and could no longer be accessed.

In one of the messages, seen by the Worcester News, he claims to be 15. He was challenged by the girl who received the message who told him he knew her dad.

She received a response which read: "This is his mates. We didn't realise sorry, were just winding people up he hasn't even realised we're on his account yet the donut. Don't tell him though."

The father of one of the complainants said his daughter was just 13 when the man began contacting her and another said his daughter was 12.

An alleged victim, who spoke directly to the Worcester News, said: "I was 14 at the time, I am now 18 almost 19. He continuously sent me inappropriate messages and pictures. He lived in the same street as me.

"I had hundreds of messages from him but since he deactivated his account all of the evidence vanished. Shortly after, I found out he did this to other young girls too, girls that are much younger than me.

"He started in the summer of 2017 and still to this day, he tries to add me on Snapchat and makes fake accounts of me on Instagram."

She said when she blocked him on Instagram and Snapchat for messaging her 'continuously', he found her on Facebook and began messaging her again.

The mum of one girl said: "My daughter is 15 now and 13 at the time. My daughter got taken to the Glade to be video interviewed too and all for them to say there was not enough to charge him when they had all messages from four different children.

"About 18 months back my daughter messaged me on Facebook asking if I knew the man and I asked her why. She forwarded me messages he had sent her.

"I told her I did know him. She told him I think you know my mum and dad he replied 'please don't tell them'. Then I found out he had also been trying to get her to go in Snapchat and also watching all her lives on Instagram.

"I contacted my friend who knew him and then found out he had also been messaging her daughter and also another friend's daughter. He then messaged my boyfriend saying his account had been hacked and it wasn’t him and that he had contacted the police himself which was a lie. He hadn’t and also wouldn’t name his friend who had hacked his account for a joke like he said. The police think because it’s only messages it doesn't matter but it does matter. They are children. He’s a middle aged man. It’s disgusting."

A letter sent by West Mercia Police to one of the parents on July 7 last year advises her that there is 'such a backlog that they are now examining devices from September 2019'.

The officer writes: "I realise that you are anxious for the investigation to move on and for any devices we have seized to be returned. Due to the delay I have been asked to meet with the detective inspector to discuss the situation."

However, in a later email to parents an officer writes: "I am just emailing to let you know that devices have finally been examined. Unfortunately even after the devices have been examined there is not enough evidence to prove the offences under investigation. For the case to proceed to the Crown Prosecution Service, there has to be enough evidence to meet the threshold test. The evidence must be likely to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and to have a realistic prospect of conviction. The investigation does not meet that criteria."

The officer however does advise parents to apply for a civil order against the man, called a Sexual Risk Order.

Inspector Fergus Green said: “We can confirm that we carried out a full investigation into these allegations but there was insufficient evidence to proceed and bring a case to court.

“As you are no doubt aware we do not identify people who have not been charged with any offences and therefore we cannot confirm or deny the name you have provided. Please also note that by confirming an investigation has taken place we are not confirming or denying the investigation involved the name you have provided, simply that an investigation was carried out into the alleged offences.

“All victims have the ‘right to review’ and can apply to West Mercia Police to have the decision re-examined (https://www.westmercia.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/acr/vrr/victims-right-review-scheme/)”