A WORCESTER MP has praised the NHS for their services amidst the release of a national report that says employees have reached an "emergency" level burnout.

City MP, Robin Walker, has commended the"fantastic" work of healthcare staff after the country's Health and Social Committee released a report yesterday (May 8), calling for immediate action to support exhausted staff .

He said: "We all know health staff have been hugely stretched, before and after the pandemic and everyone's doing an incredible job. I'm campaigning for a medical school in Worcester to train doctors – so we’re not just recruiting but we’re also retaining so we can keep the good doctors in the county".

The report not only highlighted the "unacceptable" pressures of the pandemic, but also pointed out the issues have been around long before that as the NHS faced shortages of around “one in 10 or one in 12 staff”.

Mr Walker said: "I want to make Worcester a real centre of excellence. We're aiming to open the new health centre in Worcester which will help with the issue and we already have one of the best nurse training courses in the country. The government is aiming to recruit a record amount but I realise none of these things are enough separately. You need the whole package to support the NHS overall. Myself and anybody in politics will agree that the NHS is fantastic and that it’s worth the funding".

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: "I thank everyone of our staff for their incredible commitment, dedication and compassion in response to the continuing challenge of the Covid pandemic. We have a range of wellbeing and support offers in place and regularly remind our hard-working staff of the need to think of their own wellbeing and the need to look out for each other. we encourage all staff and managers to have wellbeing conversations and for staff to speak to their manager or our confidential counselling services if they are struggling, so we can help them access the support available to them".