THE victim of an assault by a fellow trustee at a Worcester mosque feels unable to worship at the place he helped to build up from scratch.

Abdul Sahid, 54, of Northfield Street, Worcester, was found guilty of assaulting Saiful Islam when appearing at Kidderminster Magistrates Court.

Sahid was fined £311, ordered to pay £100 compensation, a victim surcharge of £34 and £500 court costs over the offence at Worcester Central Mosque, Lowesmoor, Worcester, in September.

Mr Islam said he had been deeply involved with the mosque from its beginning and argued his place of worship had been “taken from me by force” by Sahid, who he says is a trustee of the mosque.

He said: “He assaulted me for no reason. It was very upsetting and I have not been back to the mosque since.

“I do not feel comfortable, I fear going there. When I go to another mosque or place of worship, it is a peaceful place.”

He continued: “When you go there you have to be peaceful, you should feel more comfortable there than in any other place in the world. If you go in with a feeling of fear you cannot worship.”

Mr Islam said the incident happened during a general meeting called by the chairman in which everyone had been asked for their views.

When it came to his turn to speak, Mr Islam said he had been laughed at, “provoked” and “abused” by Sahid’s “group members” who were “bullying” him.

He said Sahid had approached him while he remained seated and punched him in the face.

Since the incident, Mr Islam has been worshipping elsewhere but feels irate about having to do so.

He says he wants a restraining order against Sahid but that his quest has been unsuccessful.

“There are a few mosques in Worcester but I was one of the people who helped build up this mosque,” he said.

“I love this mosque, I have put in so much, I have put my heart into this mosque only for people to do this. It is very upsetting.”

Worcester Central Mosque chairman Ruhal Hussain witnessed the assault, describing it as "shocking and disgusting" behaviour and stating Mr Islam had been struck "without any reason".

Mr Hussain confirmed the claims of bullying and said the matter would be addressed at an imminent meeting of the mosque's trustees.