A BURGLAR smashed up his ex-partner's car and attacked her with a brick in her own home as her terrified eight-year-son begged him to stop.

Samuel West had sent threatening messages before he turned up at his ex's Droitwich home, smashing all the windows of her Audi and damaging the cars of the victim's neighbours.

The 30-year-old admitted burglary, sending threatening messages, three counts of criminal damage and driving while disqualified during the incident on April 25 this year.

West, who appeared over prison videolink at Worcester Crown Court on Monday, had been in a 'positive' relationship with the complainant for six months when her ex-boyfriend being released from prison caused him to become 'jealous' said Holly-Louise Kilbey, prosecuting.

Prior to the attack he sent her five messages at around 8.23pm, warning her: "I've got plans for you both."

In another message he wrote 'sleep tight' before calling them both by an offensive word and told her 'you haven't crossed anyone like me' with a laughing face emoji.

At 9.40pm she returned home with her eight-year-old son, parking her car on the driveway. While still in the bathroom she heard a car pull up followed by loud crashing and banging.

"She has immediately gone outside and seen Mr West throwing bricks and smashing the Audi she had parked on the driveway moments before" said Miss Kilbey.

The complainant described how West also threw bricks towards her and her front door, damaging the frame. She locked herself in the bathroom only for West to hit it 'with such force it has caused a hole' before pulling it open and striking her on her upper arm with a brick. "This has caused immediate pain and grazes to the skin" said the prosecutor.

During the attack the woman's eight year-old son, who witnessed the assault, was heard by neighbours screaming: "Stop it! Don't hurt her!"

West also damaged the fridge in her home.

A Seat and a Honda car belonging to the complainant's neighbours were also damaged in the attack, the driver's releasing victim personal statements about the inconvenience this caused.

She sent a message to her father whose Toyota, a mobility vehicle, was also damaged by the defendant at another location, the window smashed with a plank of wood.

West has 20 previous convictions for 38 offences between 2009 and 2019, including seven offences of violence against a person and five of damaging property.

He was also jailed for 30 months in 2017 for an assault occasioning actual bodily harm which also had a domestic context. West entered her property without her permission and attempted to take the keys to her car. During the assault he punched and bit her. Criminal damage, aggravated vehicle taking and driving while disqualified also formed part of the prison sentence.

As well as a conviction for dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol, West already had five previous convictions for driving while disqualified when he appeared before Judge Nicholas Cole for sentence. West has yet to pass a mandatory extended driving retest because of the dangerous driving conviction.

Judge Cole told West he was 'clearly intending harm' because of the number of threatening messages he had sent in advance, describing how West had 'comprehensively attacked' her Audi using a pile of bricks, smashing every window save the back one. "This was an outrageous intrusion into the home of your former partner" said the judge.

He imposed an indefinite restraining order which prohibits him from contacting his former partner and from attending her Droitwich address.

In total he jailed West for 35 months, taking into account his early guilty pleas. Although West is banned from driving in any event until he passes an extended test, the judge further imposed 27 and a half month driving disqualification.