A ROOFER is accused of 'slicing up' his cousin with two Stanley knives during a bloody attack at a caravan park near Worcester, cutting open his arm and chest as he made threats to kill him.

Wayne Smith denies wounding with intent (section 18) against his first cousin Sammy Smith and having an article with a blade or point as his trial got underway at Worcester Crown Court on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old father of Duffledown View, Wyre Piddle Bypass, Upper Moor, near Pershore denies both offences, said to have been committed at the caravan site on December 7 last year.

During the prosecution opening, the court heard that the complainant had been weight training at David Lloyd gym in Worcester with cousins and friends before they headed for a Chinese takeaway in the city.

From there the group headed in two transit vans to the site near Pershore, arriving there at about 8pm.

The attack was said to have begun when Wayne Smith opened the passenger door, armed with two Stanley knives.

Lucinda Wilmott-Lascelles, prosecuting, said the complainant managed to kick his attacker away, closed the door, locked it, slid across into the driver's seat and drove away injured from the caravan site at speed in his cousin's transit van, the other two passengers having run away when the alleged attack began.

Ms Wilmott-Lascelles said: "A couple of minutes later the door in the passenger side was opened. Sammy Smith looked and saw Wayne Smith, the defendant, standing in the doorway holding up the two Stanley knives. Before he could do anything, the defendant raised his arms and brought them down in a slashing motion towards his chest and his arms. Sammy Smith raised his arms in order to protect himself. The knife entered his arm and it was dragged downwards, slicing it apart."

Sammy Smith kicked the defendant and managed to close the door before driving off at speed, heading first to Evesham hospital before his mum and dad gave him a lift to A&E at Worcester.

The alleged victim who lives at Norton Lodge Caravan Park gave evidence behind a screen and said of his cousin: "We never really got along."

He told the jury: "I was cut. I knew I was cut because I was bleeding everywhere."

Mr Smith said he had 19 stitches at the top of his arm and three at the bottom, not counting the stitches inside. "They had to sew me up inside as well, it was that deep" he said.

The witness said he had been left with permanent scars - a six and a half inch and two inch one on his arm and a further two inch scar on his chest. "When I wear a short-sleeved t-shirt, you can't miss it" he said.

Simon Burns, defending, put it to him that there had been a 'dispute' and a 'commotion' at the site but Sammy Smith denied this, telling the jury: "We was laughing. We was giggling. We was happy."

He added that before the alleged attack there had been 'no words, no violence, no abuse'.

"Nobody had no crossed words with anybody" he said. "I was sat in the front of the van minding my own business" he added, denying that anyone in the van had driven at or near the defendant's two sons.

Mr Smith said the defendant had told him that his dad was going to lose his son.

"He was saying he was going to kill me" said Mr Smith.

However, Mr Burns put it to him that there had been 'aggressive driving' including reversing at speed and that Mr Smith had shouted: "I'll be back!"

Mr Smith said this was not the case, telling the jury: "I had no dispute at all."

The witness told the court: "He just walked to the vehicle, opened the door and started slicing me up with two Stanley knives for no reason."

The trial continues.