‘Theatre is a place where every race, creed, sexuality, and gender is embraced and loved. Hate will never win, together we will make sure of that’ - so said James Corden.

To mark Pride month we used our excellent, recently enhanced, lighting rig at the Swan Theatre to turn the auditorium and stage into a rainbow effect emulating the pride flag.

This effect, is created through a combination of the LED house lights, our new star cloth and legs (the name for the cloths that hang at the side of the stage) which was recently bequeathed to us by a beloved friend, dearly missed, and our new led lighting over the stage, which has been kindly funded through grants from a Trust.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on being inclusive and I am particularly keen to ensure there is a developing diverse, culturally representative and new, dynamic broadening within my programming to ensure Worcester Live is presenting work that appeals to all audiences of the city. Our upcoming Worcester Fringe Festival (July 23-August 1) has some exciting work which will allow us to begin to fulfil this new strategy and our on-going work with local emerging artists is allowing us to explore new projects and performance opportunities for the future.

We are evolving as an organisation, representative and responsive to the theatre community, a community that is unique and special; listening to what is needed and responding with opportunities to allow for development and growth.

We are also really keen to ensure we are still committed to our core programming and there is plenty to get excited about this summer season from outdoor theatre, contemporary dance, music, comedy and children’s theatre.

We hope there is something for everyone. To see our new digital brochure, visit issuu.com/worcesterlive