WATCHING Christian Eriksen go down and receive CPR during the Denmark v Finland match was one of the most harrowing images I can ever remember watching football.

You couldn't help but watch, willing him on to survive.

The early good signs as I write this are he appears stable, and even gave teammates reassurances the Euro 2020 game could continue.

But afterwards I was left with an uneasy feeling what we as viewers were allowed to witness, including close ups of Eriksen and his distraught wife.

It can not be easy to be a television gallery manager making decisions in a moment like that, but the state broadcaster controlling the feed, going out to a worldwide audience, made so many bad ones.

They can think quickly to cut away from streakers but couldn't cut away from a man battling for his life?

Although we all wanted answers on how he was, we should not have been allowed to watch it play out in that way.

Criticism of the BBC has been harsh, but bosses were at fault for sticking with the extended, badly produced UEFA coverage after the severity of what was happening became obvious.