A MUM has expressed outrage at paramedics, who she said failed to physically assess her 6 year old son's broken leg after an incident at school last week.

Elise Henman, 28, has raised a complaint with West Midlands Ambulance Service after the two paramedics who attended her son's accident on Thursday (June 10), did not believe that he had a serious injury as they "forced" him to walk on his broken leg.

Miss Henman, from Wychbold, said her son, Greyson Henman, was in "extreme" pain. She said: "The paramedics spoke to him for ten minutes, took his blood pressure but didn't check his leg at all. Not one of them felt the area and said it was probably tissue damage and was trying to get him to stand up".

The incident, which took place at Wychbald First and Nursery School, happened at 1pm. The ambulance arrived at 3:30pm, after two phone calls from the school to chase emergency services .

Miss Henman made the third call herself. She said: "I completely understand that ambulance services are busy with injured people all over and I'm usually not one to complain. But to wait two and a half hours when my child was in extreme pain wasn't good enough. When I called, I was desperate. I didn't want to move him myself as I didn't want to risk further injury. He was absolutely terrified".

The two female paramedics gave the child Calpol for pain relief. Miss Henman said: "The amount of pain he was in, I can't believe they didn't give him gas and air. They said he had to try and walk on it - whilst he was screaming in pain. They then took his bad leg and forced it to the floor.

"Greyson thought they would help. But they just made it worse. They eventually carried him to the car but put him down 3 feet away and said he'd have to walk there. They didn't seem friendly or professional to me".

The paramedics bandaged Greyson's leg after he was unable to walk and took him to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. His mum said: "When we got the X-ray results and saw he had a broken tibia and fracture".

Greyson is now in a cast and walking on crutches. Miss Henman said her son was "traumatised" and scared to walk even after receiving the cast.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The Trust is aware of a complaint that has been received about this incident. As a result, a full investigation is underway to determine what happened and we will make the family aware of our findings".