DEAR Editor – It is so utterly ridiculous to even suggest that a sign telling people not to commit criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, i.e. some cyclists and skateboarders, is undermining the High Street (Council reaction is out of proportion, June 7).

It’s not signs that make places dangerous but selfish and dangerous behaviour.

Signs are only there to stop people doing it. The city centre is a pedestrianised zone so for much of the day it is for pedestrians only, who have every right to stroll around peacefully without being menaced by these troublemakers.

Indeed, they are now such a nuisance that the hours banning cycling has been extended to 10am-6pm and is enforced by the police because such cycling is a criminal offence. In addition, and because the problem has got so much worse, the city council has extended its Public Space Protection Order to cover cycling with Civil Enforcement Officers enforcing penalties.

The council’s consultation showed that a massive 2/3 majority supported the ban, not Ms Perrett’s false figure.

These new measures to tackle this growing problem will reassure residents and tourists that the High Street will remain a peaceful and pleasant place.

Busy city centres with elderly and disabled people, and small children, are clearly not places for aggressive and foul-mouthed idiots on two or four wheels.

Alan Amos

City and County Councillor for Bedwardine