Trips to Birgmingham could be considerably cheaper as the city looks to make bus journeys more attractive.

With the city now having a clean air zone in place, charging polluting vehicles for entering it, bus tickets are being made more affordable.

Peak tickets on National Express services will now be £4 for adults and £2 for children. 

In addition total spending in a seven day period will be capped at £15.

Birmignham's transport authority is looking to roll out a huge, billion pound, investment including the rapid Sprint services, extending the tram network, new train lines, dedicated bike lanes and bike as well as scooter hire initiatives.

Dave Bradford, managing director for National Express West Midlands, said:“We're delighted to be cutting the price of bus tickets this summer to help get our region moving again.

"While most bills always go up, we're doing the opposite. Half of bus customers will pay less than they do now - nobody will pay more.

"These bus fare cuts mean travelling all day will cost less than the price of a burger.


“You will be able to catch as many buses as you like all day long and just wave a contactless card at the ticket machine.

"You don't need to work out what's the best price - we'll do that automatically and you'll never pay more than you need to.

"We know that when people try buses, they like them and keep using them. Getting people onto buses will build back our high streets, get people back into jobs and education, clean up our air and help the UK meet its carbon target."