DEAR Editor – I sent this letter to my MP. I am furious about the double standards of this government. Why am I held to a higher standard than this Government?

‘Dear Mr Huddleston,

Yet again I find myself being held to a different standard as government officials. If I, as a teacher, was to have an affair with a co-worker and then it be caught on CCTV, I am not sure I would find my head releasing a press release saying that he accepts my apology and a line is drawn under the matter.

‘Why am I being held to a different standard than government officials? Why do I have to have I higher level of integrity than the people running this country?

‘I’m also not entirely convinced that there would not be an investigation into the hiring of the co-worker if I had been involved in their employment, and then was caught on camera kissing and groping them!

‘We can say that the systems were followed etc etc, but if something looks dodgy and the perception of wrongdoing is there, you lose confidence of the people and it adds to the mistrust of your behaviours.

‘Any reassurance that all actions were above board needs to come from an independent investigation, not the words of the government. How can you say that there is scrutiny of actions if there is no actual investigation?

‘The CCTV of the behaviour of Mr Hancock in DHSC with his aide, is clearly inappropriate. It is also a clear breach of Covid regulations (and quite possibly the law of the time – a law which Mr Hancock pushed through Parliament, something that you must be quite aware of) and needs to be fully investigated.

‘This episode continues to damage the reputation and the credibility of the government, and dare I say it, your political party. If this continues, at what point will we stop listening to your party at all?

‘Do you want to test that? Chesham and Amersham was not just the result of some determined leafleters!

Dr Dan Boatright



DEAR Editor – With Matt Hancock embracing all the finest qualities of hypocrisy – failing to adhere to the social distancing rules he wants others to obey, of cronyism – appointing a very close personal friend to a position on the NHS Board of Management,  and inappropriate behaviour whilst at work – having a romantic interlude with a work colleague in the Office, he clearly has all the attributes to be the next leader of the Conservative Party when Boris Johnson is eventually dumped.

 Whilst the above may be written with a degree of “tongue in cheekiness” there is no doubt the standards of political behaviour are now reaching an all-time low. Should we be worried? Yes, because once politicians believe they can get away with things without public rebuke then standards will only deteriorate further to the determent of us all.

Mike Levins