RESIDENTS at retirement housing in Worcester say they have been trapped in their flats for ten days due to a broken down lift.

Elderly residents and their concerned relatives say they are ‘furious’ that the lifts at Noele Court on Tuffery Close have been broken for so long - leaving those living upstairs ‘trapped in their own homes’.

Olive Price, 93, has been a resident at the accommodation, that is managed by Sanctuary Housing, since 2005.

She said: “Life here is anything but a sanctuary, they should change their name.

“They offered to move us somewhere else, but I am not just going to pick up and go, that would be a terrible upheaval and I have no idea where they would send me or what it would be like.

“I feel so angry that they have treated us like this. We have no idea when it will be fixed, they haven’t told us.

"Myself and other residents who live on the higher floors are trapped. We can’t go out to the shops or even to the garden when it is sunny.

“I can’t use the stairs, I am frightened I may fall. My balance is no good.

"I have been relying on my neighbours to bring me my shopping and do the occasional load of laundry as the washing machines are downstairs - and only one of those works. One washing machine for 38 flats!

“It’s no good. I am very very lucky to have had such kind, supportive neighbours who help me.

“They have been marvellous, but they shouldn’t have to do this for me.

“I pay enough to live here, they have just put the rent up by £10, but I can’t see how they can justify that when we aren’t getting the services we should be.”

Mrs Price’s daughter, June Binyon, lives in Southend-On-Sea and says she is worried for her mother being cooped up in the flat by herself.

She said: “This situation is totally unacceptable. Sanctuary need to step up and start communicating with their residents and start providing an adequate service in line with the amount of rent they are charging.”

The daughter of a second resident who does not wish to be identified said: “The residents, including my mother, have been trapped in their flats for ten days now.

“Sanctuary Housing have still not sent anyone to fix the lift and its a disgrace. There are residents up there who are infirm and rely on the lift to get out and visit the shops and to attend vital appointments.

“The flats are also incredibly hot sometimes reaching up to 30 degrees plus on the warmest days.

“The residents are unable to get outside for fresh air. Their only means of air being opening a window. Most are now having to rely on friends and family to get food and medicines.”

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: “Our external lift contractors immediately attended the scheme when the issue was reported, but were unable to complete the repair due to the need for additional specialist parts.

"Our local housing team will continue to make regular welfare calls to the residents to provide any extra support they need whilst we await the delivery of the required parts.

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience the issue with the lift is causing and share the frustration being felt by residents.

"We have been offering the option of temporarily moving into alternative accommodation until the lift is restored.

"All the residents asked have so far told us they would rather remain in their homes.”