DEAR Editor – I appreciate that the rollout of the Covid vaccinations has enabled the world to return to some sense of normality after the pandemic.

I am also one of those people who chooses not to accept the generous offer of a vaccination that is not yet fully licensed.

Before you gasp in horror and berate me for being a selfish “anti-vaxxer” please consider the reasons behind this decision.

Firstly I am not anti-vaccinations, I had all of my childhood jabs. I also had Covid very early on so have certainly got some antibodies.

Since I spend a lot of time outdoors as well as taking a Vitamin D supplement, I will rely on my own immune system for protection.

I have never felt the need to take a jab for any similar viruses as I have no underlying health conditions and prefer the NHS to put its’ money to better use. (Money that I have contributed to for 40 years I may add!)

Secondly I do not understand the current obsession with asking for proof of vaccination, for instance at Wimbledon. I am pretty sure they do not ask people to prove they have had a measles jab. Or any other jab for that matter. I love watching live sports and music events, however I will obviously not be “allowed” to go until this ridiculous obsession has finished. If you have had your vaccination – why are you worried about me?

And if you are worried why the hell did you have a vaccination?

Thirdly – what I do with my body is MY choice. As far as I am aware, we still live in a democracy and not North Korea. However I have now had 18 text messages from my GP surgery inviting me for a Covid vaccination – despite replying with a “Decline” message for the first couple of times (I‘ve given that up since they clearly do not understand).

I have also had three text messages and at least 10 phone calls from a service called “NHS Vaccine” – I had to turn my phone off on “Grab a Jab” weekend as they kept calling me – even though I explained that I would contact them if I wanted to take them up on the offer.

They called again and upon answering I was subjected a lot of (polite) questions about why I didn’t want the vaccine.

Surely this is tantamount to harassment? Or at the least coercion?

Julie Reynolds