Weddings are for all the family and now a Worcester dog trainer is ensuring that no pooch gets left behind.

Owner of Waggy Wonders, Tilly Martin, announced she will soon be offering a service to get your pet on its best behaviour ahead of the special day.

Miss Martin has worked with dogs her entire life and dreams of having her own dog, Pi, at her wedding.

She said: “When I get round to organising my own wedding, he’ll be a part of it. Why leave them at home when they are a part of the family?

“I’ve done some training in getting the dog to pick up a basket of flowers or carry a ring. I have practiced with a few dogs and it’s going well!”

Worcester News: Tilly and her dog, PiTilly and her dog, Pi

Waggy Wonders was launched last year with the pandemic giving Miss Martin the opportunity to finally pursue a career she loves.

She said: “I was made redundant, giving me the perfect time to think about what I wanted my career to be. The problem was I had a new-born baby who took a lot of my thinking time away!

“Fast forward two years and lockdown happened which was the kick up the bottom I needed!

“I have been luck to help as many dogs as I have since starting.”

She hopes to introduce the service as soon as possible and will be offering two types of services for different needs.

For £50 she will provide a basic training, ensuring your dog is picture perfect all day.

For those wanting their canine friend a little more involved she will be offering a £180 service, training the dog to carry the rings or a basket of flowers down the aisle.