DEAR Editor – As your readers discovered, the Defence and Security Expo was again postponed, at a few weeks’ notice.

The reason given was Covid but could it also be because the event has failed to take off as expected since the Expo relocated to Malvern?

After all, the Showground itself is buzzing with events – Midsummer Festival, Truck Fest – so the venue is clearly on top of Covid regulations.

An attendee at the 2018 Expo observed the event was under-subscribed: lecture venues were half empty, refreshments unclaimed.

Since participants were promised contacts with ‘2000 decision makers’, one would expected at least that number of attendees.

However, protesters can verify that numbers on site (allowing for shared car-rides) were well below this figure.

We cannot discount the new Three Counties Campaign Against Arms Trade (3CCAAT) group who’ve made their presence felt this year, communicating with trustees, exhibitors and other showground users to emphasise local disapproval.

Our petition now has over 1,000 signatories – organisations and individuals. 3CCAAT is in coalition with national organisations and local protestors from the Hereford Peace Council, Malvern Individuals for Peace, Quakers and Extinction Rebellion – the latter highlight the massive ‘carbon bootprint’ of the military.

Our message remains: Now, more than ever, technological innovation should focus on the climate not the military.

Melanie and Andrew Jameson

Malvern Individuals for Peace, 3CCAAT