Travellers’ attempts to set up at Eckington Recreational fields were last night met by police presence.

The group tried to move to the new location after being evicted from Abbey Park, also in Pershore.

 The travellers arrived in Abbey Park on Thursday July 8 and a notice was handed to the group instructing them to vacate the area by 5:30pm, a deadline which was not met and they were consequently evicted.

The group then attempted to set up at Eckington Recreational fields, a move that was met by at least half a dozen police cars and bailiffs.

It is unclear if it is the same group that had previously occupied Abbey Park before returning last Thursday.

A frustrated resident claimed: "Last time they were keeping people with young families and a lot of elderly people who border the park awake till 2am in the morning gone.

"The mess they left was absolutely disgusting, human excrement everywhere and all in the children's play area along with mountains of rubbish.

"This is a beautiful park used by many many people on a daily basis, it will now be out of bounds yet again to the community."

Councillor Adrian Hardman thanked the police for their quick action.

Further details to follow.