DEAR Editor – In late reply to your article, Is this really Elgar on the doorstep at Granny’s house?, I think not. The man is rather too bulbous for the stature of Elgar, who was of slighter build.

I know the house well, as I schoolboy I remember it was made into a shop!

In that era, 1940s/50s up Tunnel Hill there were four conversions, kind of make-do-and-mend after the war. The picture in your article was ‘Fletcher’s Shop’.

I also went to school with Eric Gething and was in Eric’s choir at Samuel Southall High. But I never made it to the Black and White Minstrel TV shows with Dai Francis.

As time went on I became I postman and delivered mail to Coalhurst House and in Elgar’s garden there was part of the old Worcester Bridge.

Time passed and the house was demolished, and the old bridge, who knows?

Mr J Badger