AN angry shopkeeper whose business is set to lose "thousands" called the handling of the Hallow roadworks an "absolute shambles".

Mike Baldwin, owner of Ladygo Stores, claimed he had only been informed of the closures officially on Monday when a leaflet was delivered to the store while he was out.

His shop lies in the centre of the proposed road closure and he claims the developer has left him no time to run down stock, inform customers or change staff hours.

Major disruption is expected when Main Road in Hallow closes from Thursday, July 22 to Wednesday, September 1 to connect sewer pipes to the new residential development.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said developer Piper Homes were responsible for the works as well as communicating with neighbours regarding access.

He said: "I hate to think how much we are going to lose. I will lose £10,000 to £15,000 a week turnover easily.

"I can't see it being much better than that.

"I have been here for 25 years. You spend years and years building up your business and go through covid and try to look after people and someone comes along and destroys your business in a week.

"Quite a few customers are upset saying they won't be able to get to us but there's nothing they can do. There's nothing I can do, it's just the way it is.

"Nobody has been in to tell me what time it is going to be closed and how I can get deliveries. It's been an absolute shambles."

Mr Baldwin has put signs up and informed people as much as he can but was disappointed someone from either Worcestershire Highways or Piper Homes had not returned to discuss the issue. 

He is hoping people will still be able to drive from Holt but the Worcester side will be completely closed off.

"Imagine all the bread, meat, fruit and vegetables - they're going to be going out of date and it's going to cost a lot of money.

"I'm not going to do any passing trade - it's poor.

"Throughout covid-19 we have been delivering to the elderly but with the road closues I've had to cancel paper deliveries and cut other deliveries to one day a week on Friday.

"When people have to go somewhere else their habits will change and they will end up shopping somewhere else for good."

The road will be closed so a three metre deep trench can be dug in the centre of the road.

The county council statement continued: “The closure has been planned for the school holidays as to minimise disruption, however we recognise that this is a busy route into the city and disruption will still occur.

"There are advanced signs warning of the road closure and additional signs will be provided at the time of the closure. 

"We have been communicating the closure on our travel twitter account and Piper Homes have communicated the closure detail with residents affected.

“As this is an A road closure, the diversion route will take people over Holt Fleet bridge and in to Worcester via the A449, but there are other alternative routes. There will still be pedestrian access through Main Road.”

Piper Homes was approached for a comment but has not responded.