A VIRAL video of two young girls being told off for not flushing the toilet as they tried to sing a Cher Lloyd hit been honoured with an eye-catching tattoo.

The Malvern popstar has previously joked about being proud to be part of a 'iconic moment in history' after the video, seen by more than 10 million people, went viral.

And now a Scottish woman has had the iconic line 'it was f*****g one of yas. Disgusting!" from it tattooed on her.

Worcester News: JOKE: Cher Lloyd has joked about the meme that inspired a tattoo. Picture: Instagram/TikTok

The popular video, which went on to inspire hundreds of memes and was even copied by Dua Lupa, showed two young Scottish girls presenting to their web camera and preparing to sing a cover of Oath by Cher Lloyd.

But just as they are about to start signing a woman arrives to bring a quick halt to their performance by saying: "Does somebody not know how to flush the toilet after they’ve had a s**t?

"Well it was f*****g one of yas! Disgusting!”

Warning: strong language in clip

After seeing the video Cher Lloyd, 27, gave it a mention on her Tik Tok account writing: "Think you can hurt my feelings? I'm forever linked with a Scottish girls unflushed shet."

She then puts on a face mask featuring a cartoon of the two girls and their mum with the words 'DISGUSTANG' above.

In the caption the former Chase School and Dyson Perrins CE Academy student added: "Tbh actually quite proud to be part of this iconic moment in history."

Now Scot Laura Macaskill's love of the iconic video has led her to get a tattoo of the phrase.

Speaking to the Daily Record after getting the tattoo done earlier this week the 29-year-old said: "It was always something that cracked me up every time I heard it and me and my friends always make jokes about it and stuff.

"The tattoo is actually a really nice sketch without the writing so I just thought, 'you don't live forever! So why not?'

"Everybody that has seen it is made up, they love it!"

The tattoo was inked by artist Roberto Poliri who added: "I couldn't believe someone was actually getting it tattooed on her.

"We had such a great laugh doing it we listened to Cher Lloyd in the background.

"Laura waited a year to get the tattoo because of the pandemic, I was just delighted I got to finally do it."

After posting a picture of it, the new ink was praised on social media one person saying: "this is probably THE best tattoo that ever exists or will exist."

The tattoo isn't even the first with other Scots being similarly inspired by the 2013 Youtube video.