A HEADTEACHER says she has had to make the "toughest decision" to close her city school early due to a Covid outbreak and a number of staff and children self isolating.

Kate Wilcock, headteacher at Pitmaston Primary School, said the decision had been made due to her concerns over the rising number of coronavirus cases, with three bubbles and 200 children put into isolation on Thursday.

The school's last day of term had been planned to be Wednesday, July 21.

In a statement the headteacher of the Malvern Road-based school said: "I have to, and always will, put the safety of all the children first.

Worcester News: HEAD: Pitmaston Pruimary School headteacher Kate Wilcock

"We have high numbers of staff isolating across school, this decision has had to be made primarily on an operational basis.

"Three bubbles collapsed putting over 200 children into isolation, in line with our risk assessment and advice from Public Health England.

"I am so concerned that large numbers will be isolating, which will increase over the next few days, and this has a detrimental impact on whole families, their plans, commitments, engagements and celebrations moving into the holidays.

"Closing now will help to reduce infection transmission going into the holiday period.

"We have deliberately chosen today as the final day, to enable staff members to talk to their classes this afternoon and explain the situation and say their goodbyes, enabling parents to have the maximum possible time to arrange childcare for next week.

"This decision has been made with the full support of the governing body and has not been taken lightly. I am so sorry for the disruption this causes but we all believe this is the right decision."

The headteacher added she wanted to thank parents who had given supportive comments, and the staff at the school who she said "always go above and beyond."

We previously reported that as of Thursday there were 2,290 pupils and staff isolating in Worcester due to at least one person in their bubble either awaiting or had returned a positive PCR test.

Across the city, 46 bubbles are closed or partially closed as staff and children isolate.