WORCESTER appears to be getting through a 'perfect storm' that has lead to empty shelves elsewhere in the country.

The Road Haulage Association warned at the end of June we were potentially weeks away from large gaps on the shelves.

Lidl recently said empty shelves at some of its stores nationally are down to 'disruptions to supply chain networks'.

And in Scotland people there have been complaining about gaps in the fruit and vegetable section at their supermarkets this weekend.

There has been a variety of explanations given for the shortages, with many experts saying it is due to the 'perfect storm' of Brexit, coronavirus and a lack of lorry drivers.

A Worcester News reporter visited supermarkets and retail shops on Saturday afternoon to see how they were faring.

The biggest issue the reporter found was large gaps on the bread shelves at ASDA.

Worcester News:

Worcester News:

At Savers there wasn't many gaps, though there were fewer nappies on sale than usual.

Worcester News:

Unsurprisingly, due to the heatwave, water was the most popular item across all the stores visited.

This was the scene at Iceland:

Worcester News:

Meanwhile Waitrose Droitwich cancelled some home deliveries at the weekend.

One customer said they were told on Saturday their delivery had been cancelled due to the supermarket's delivery drivers being pinged by the NHS app, and now having to self isolate.