WORCESTER'S tallest buildings are unsurprisingly a place of worship, a library, and residential tower blocks, data proves.

The tallest building, from ground floor to the highest point, in the city is St Andrew's Church. 

Worcester News:

The highest point on the spire, also known as the Glover's Needle, is 74.70 metres.

The second tallest building is Worcester Cathedral. 

Worcester News:

The historic cathedral stands at an impressive 59.70 metres at its highest point.

The three residential tower blocks in St Clement's Close, St John's take the joint third position in Emporis' figures.

Standing at 37 metres tall, the 13 floor buildings of Cripplegate House, Henwick House and Severn House, originally built in 1969, are a familiar site in the city skyline.

Worcester News:

After those high rise buildings in fourth place is The Hive.

The riverside home of Worcester’s library and history centre, the £60 million The Hive opened to the public in 2012.

No exact figure for the highest point is provided by Emporis, but it is understood to be around 12 metres.

Worcester News:

Large windows were purposely included in the design, providing natural light and displaying panoramic views of Worcester for visitors to enjoy.