A couple who own a used car garage expect to lose half a million pounds in turnover when Main Road in Hallow closes.

Sadie and Nick Wilczynski said the closure will cause Main Road Motor Company another "financial setback" after a difficult year trading during the pandemic.

Even worse, they only discovered there would be a road closure when they read the Worcester News online on Saturday morning.

Housing developer Piper Homes, whose responsibility it is to communicate to neighbours, has not been in touch to discuss the roadworks which start on Thursday.

Mr Wilczynski said: "Although the road is open where we are, no-one is going to use the road for their commute.

"I don't know how many thousands of cars go past but those people aren't going to go by and about 50 per cent of our business is from passing trade."

Main Road Motor Company turns over around £1million per month which means it could stand to lose £500,000 during the roadworks.

"The worst thing is nobody has informed us.

"If I hadn't gone and looked at the Worcester News website I wouldn't have known.

"We've had to grin and bear the cars getting covered in dust from the housing development but we've washed the cars and carried on.

"That development has affected us yet nobody has ever come and spoken to us about it."

Mrs Wilczynski said: "My husband was online when the story came up and we just couldn't believe it - how is that acceptable?

"After the year we've had it's not like we're just going to lose a couple of grand, we sell some pretty expensive cars and we're going to have no passing trade.

"This is going to cause yet again another financial set back."

The business, which has been operating from Main Road since 2018, had to close during the first lockdown but offered a 'click and collect' service during the second lockdown.

"We were still able to operate but it wasn't as busy as it usually is."

Worcester News has approached Piper Homes for a comment but so far has received no reply.

The roadworks, which are about 100m away from the garage, will see a three-metre trench dug to connect sewer pipes to the housing development.

Main Road is scheduled to be closed for six weeks until Wednesday, September 1 with diversions via the A449 through Holt.

Mike Baldwin from Ladygo Stores expects to lose between £10,000 and £15,000 a week and said he had only been informed about the closures via a leaflet.

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Worcestershire County Council said: “The closure has been planned for the school holidays as to minimise disruption, however we recognise that this is a busy route into the city and disruption will still occur.

"There are advanced signs warning of the road closure and additional signs will be provided at the time of the closure. 

"We have been communicating the closure on our travel twitter account and Piper Homes have communicated the closure detail with residents affected.

“As this is an A road closure, the diversion route will take people over Holt Fleet bridge and into Worcester via the A449, but there are other alternative routes. There will still be pedestrian access through Main Road.”