PEOPLE'S selfies are being 'sketched' onto a giant screen in the city centre as part of The Arches Festival.

The Robot Selfie portraits are being placed side-by-side on the big screen as a public mural to symbolise "strangers next to each other, simultaneously present, together, and yet apart".

A robot draws the picture on to the screen which is in Cathedral Square and will be in place until Thursday (July 22).

While the process is free to take part, unfortunately not everyone who takes a picture will be included on the mural.

You can visit the mural in the High Street or watch the robot drawing live on the website to see if your picture has made it.

Here's how you can get involved:

Visit the website and make sure your face is in full light - looking out of a window is ideal.

Select "enable camera" on the webpage and look towards the lens of your camera.

Press draw, making sure your whole head is in frame, and hold your gaze until the drawing appears.

Once you're happy, select the tick and send a copy of your drawing to Kaleider for the robot to draw.

Watch the robot draw live