SELLERS of homes in Worcester are still having to drop prices to see through moves according to month-by-month data.

The average city property is being reduced by between £5,000 and £8,000 with large discrepancies between certain areas.

In WR1 postcodes, in and around the city centre, buyers have haggled for an average of £7,626 off asking prices, around three per cent.

That rate of loss changes as you head out into different areas with WR2 postcodes to the west down by 2.18 per cent as sellers lose out on an average of £6,521.

To the north, prices drop by £7,881, a loss of 2.58 per cent to around £305,000, while cheaper properties to the east lose less money, £5,208 on homes that typically go for around £230,000.

The smallest rate of loss is in WR5 properties to the south of Worcester where £5,385 typically gets shaved off in an area where homes tend to go for an average of £276,000, representing a drop of just 1.95 per cent.

There is little difference in the time it takes to sell in each area, the range being from 130 days – just over four months – in WR5 areas to 147 days in WR2 areas.

More money is lost in Malvern with an average of more than £10,000 being chalked off asking prices in WR13 postcodes, although that is only 2.46 per cent with average asking prices beginning just north of £450,000.

WR8 areas between Worcester and Malvern, such as Upton and Hanley, see the biggest drops in the region with £14,353 on average, a rate of 3.61 per cent which takes the average selling price to below £400,000.