ASDA shoppers have been praised for continuing to wear face masks by Worcestershire hospitals boss.

Matthew Hopkins, chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said he was "pleased and surprised" after shopping trip on Monday.

He estimated around 60 per cent were still wearing their masks - the same percentage who said they would continue to mask up in a Worcester News online poll.

Legal requirements to wear a mask were dropped on Monday along with many other covid measures in what was dubbed "Freedom Day".

However, Worcestershire healthcare settings such as the county's hospitals said it would continue to follow previous rules around mask wearing, social distancing and use of hand sanitiser.

Many Worcester shops, restaurant, cafes and venues said they would either be encouraging or requiring people to wear face masks.

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Mr Hopkins tweeted: "Pleased & maybe a little surprised to see more than 60% of shoppers in #Worcester @asda wearing face masks despite the change in rules today.

"Asked several people about their decision making & their answers ranged from - it must be safer- I’m used to it now - it’s sensible.

"And all but one had received #COVIDVaccination & in several cases weren’t surprised to learn that #COVID19 community rates in the city are higher than the #England average.

"Worcester people are no fools."

It follows an online poll ran by Worcester News which found the majority of people planned to continue to wear a mask.

Thirty-eight per cent said they would continue wearing a mask while all the time while 32 per cent said they would wear it sometimes.

However, forty per cent of people said they had no plans to continue wearing the mask after restrictions were lifted on Monday.