ALMOST three quarters of the county has now been vaccinated against coronavirus, the latest figures show.

NHS England figures show around 72 per cent of the county has now received both doses of a Covid vaccine.

As of July 11, a total of 344,232 people in Worcestershire have been vaccinated – an extra 8,700 people compared to the week before.

Figures for Worcester show that 51,830 people in the city have now received two jabs – around 58 per cent of those eligible and more than 1,600 people than the week before.

A total of 59,595 people in Bromsgrove have now received two jabs and 49,508 people in Malvern Hills have had both doses of a Covid vaccine.

As many as 44,649 people in Redditch and 79,400 people in Wychavon have received two jabs.

Figures show 59,250 people in Wyre Forest are now vaccinated.

The data shows, for the first time, that of the number of people that have been vaccinated in Worcestershire so far, 794 were aged under 18 and 8,575 were aged between 18 and 24.

Going through the rest of the age groups, 8,354 people in Worcestershire that have so far been vaccinated were aged between 25 and 29 and 24,401 people were in their 30s.

A total of 52,212 people vaccinated so far in Worcestershire were in their 40s and 81,244 people were in their 50s.

As many as 70,478 in their 60s in Worcestershire have received both jabs and 63,609 people in their 70s are now vaccinated.

A total of 34,565 people aged 80 and above have so far received two Covid jabs.

Figures for the city show a total of 4,330 people in their 30s, 8,334 people in their 40s and 13,023 people in their 50s have so far received two Covid jabs.

As many as 10,014 people in their 60s, 8,021 people in their 70s and 4,513 people aged 80 and above are now vaccinated in Worcester.

A total of 126 people aged under 18 in Worcester have now received two Covid jabs compared to 1,794 people aged between 18 and 24 and 1,675 people aged between 25 and 29.