Monday was freedom day, which means people are no longer legally required to wear face masks or socially distance, however the Prime Minister has urged caution and encouraged businesses and large events to enact so-called “vaccine passports”.

The final stage of the government's road map out of lockdown came in to effect this week, but during a press conference on July 19, the Prime Minister set out plans to make vaccine passports compulsory for entry to clubs– with proof of a negative test no longer enough. Although the move has not been made mandatory for all businesses, it could mean vaccine passports could be more of a factor in the future.

This could mean those over the age of 18 may rethink their decision on whether or not they will take the vaccine.

Jessica Charles, from Pershore, said she feels the decision will mean more young people will be likely to take it.

She said: "I think it will be a massive incentive for a lot of young people. They're not going to want to miss clubbing and gigs after 16 boring lifeless months! It does make me feel better about going to clubs knowing that people there will be protected. It will also mean they might stop blaming young people for spikes in covid".

She added: "If that means getting the jab - I'd do it".

Ministers have signalled they could still consider mandating them in future, in published guidance which said: "If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the Government will consider mandating the NHS Covid Pass in certain venues at a later date."

Vaccine passport is a term that has been given to a certificate which confirms that a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus or that they have recently taken a test which shows they are negative

In England, the vaccination passport, which is digital, is called the NHS Covid Pass. Those aged 16 or over, are able to get one depending on their vaccination status or covid-19 test results.

People who have had two doses of the Pfizer/BionNTech, Oxford/AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccine or one dose of the Janssen (which is owned by Johnson & Johnson) vaccine a minimum of two weeks ago are eligible.

Others can get a certificate if they have had a negative coronavirus PCR or lateral flow test result within the past 48 hours. Or, if they have had the virus in the past six months, they can get one after finishing self-isolating.

The pass can be downloaded from the NHS app or NHS website, which lasts for 28 days - but can also be emailed to you, or downloaded as a PDF.

The digital versions last for 28 days if you are fully vaccinated and then automatically renew, while if you have a negative Covid test result it is valid for 48 hours. If you have tested positive within the previous six months, the pass lasts up to 180 days after the test. People who are vaccinated can also have a paper copy sent to them which can be requested online on the NHS website, without a GP refferal.

During an appearance before the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee in May, Michael Gove, cabinet office minister said the passports could help "economic and social life return more quickly".