A PRIMARY school in Worcester has cut the number of reception classes from three to two due to the low birth rate.

Cherry Orchard Primary School, will take in fewer pupils in September. 

The school says the decision is due to a low birth rate for the upcoming new starters. 

The news comes after the school suffered a poor Ofsted report in 2020. 

Cherry Orchard, in Timberdine Close, off Bath Road, subsequently joined The Rivers Multi Academy Trust.

Karen Banford, headteacher at the school, said the decision is not a "formal change" in the structure going forwards, but staff will be utilised more effectively in ratio with the number of children in the year group.

She said: "After a challenging, covid-affected year, Cherry Orchard Primary School is looking forward, to an exciting new school year.

"Although a low-birth rate means that we will be starting the new Reception children off in just two classes, it will give us lots more space for the wonderful new learning activities that are already planned and the children will benefit from a better staff-child ratio."

She added: "Elsewhere in the school, classrooms have been moved around.

"They are now being revamped and environments spruced up ready to go for when the children return.

"There is a brand-new exciting curriculum planned, with lots of new resources specially bought in, to deliver up-to-date, knowledge rich learning to help our children become global citizens in an everchanging world, ready for their futures, whatever path that might take them down

"The school is part of the River Another new venture raring to go is Little Cherries, our new pre-school which we’re hoping to receive permission to open in January.

"This will give parents the chance to send their children to our school all the way through from ages 3-11, giving them the whole Cherry Orchard experience."

Worcestershire County Council was unable to confirm whether the low birth rate was affecting other schools in the county, however data shows the birth rate in England and Wales has been dropping since 2016.