WHAT’S the most desirable county in the United Kingdom? Some might say Kent, others perhaps might say Cornwall.

If the tastes of Instagram users are anything to go by though, it’s our own county of Worcestershire. Born in early 2020, @discoverworcestershire – a social media network built to promote the county – has just passed the major milestone of 10,000 followers.

@discoverworcestershire, and its sister channels @discoverworcester and @tastyworcestershire, are the brainchild of county entrepreneur James Vincent, and rely on a small army of passionate volunteers to showcase the best attractions,independent businesses and beauty spots in the Worcestershire area.

Working across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the core website, James and his volunteers use vibrant images and video to attract visitors from all over the country and beyond, documenting the many delights they can expect to find when they arrive.

A scroll through their Instagram feed is like thumbing through a slick travel brochure, with sumptuous imagery showing the county at its finest.

“We have some of the biggest and best ancient woodlands in England,” said James. “We also have one of the best heritage railways as well as an exceptional wildlife centre in West Midlands Safari Park.

“However, there are also dozens of other destinations and activities that deserve to be discovered by every new generation of visitors.”

Still, James isn’t happy stopping at 10,000 followers. “I want to keep supporting all the amazing people of Worcestershire, helping the fantastic independent destinations and businesses that are around us and promote everything this brilliant county has to offer.”