HERE at Bike Worcester HQ (20 floors below sea level, in a bunker*) we spend a lot of time thinking about cycling advocacy.

But a huge reason for me personally choosing to travel by bike is, put simply, I enjoy it. I love it in fact. The multitude of stimuli on every journey rarely leaves me thinking ‘do I not like that’.




Even if getting around on a bike isn’t enough fun in itself, there is now an abundance, nay plethora, nay smorgasbord of other fun things to make the fun act of riding a bike even more fun.

So I thought I’d quickly point you in the direction of some of the other bits and pieces I’ve tried, and hopefully this will be expanded by other diligent and helpful Worcester News readers in the comments below.


I use Strava to record my rides, tracking distance and speed using the GPS on my phone (or other device). It then doubles up as a basic social media platform, posting photos of rides and messaging friends.

It’s free, but for £4 per month there are loads more features. Strava also anonymises the data and makes it available through Strava Metro to local authorities to assist in planning and infrastructure design.

When you join, hit up the Bike Worcester club.


Links to your Strava data and spits out loads more stats. Veloviewer has divided up the planet into approx 1 km squares, which opens up the challenge to go and bag as many squares as possible.

Brilliant for encouraging ever longer rides to places you’ve never been. £10 per year.

Cycling UK British Cycle Quest

Scattered across the UK are checkpoints. Visit the checkpoint, answer the question to prove you’ve been there. Free.

Evesham Vale Rail Trails

Closer to home Cycle Evesham Vale has launched six routes starting and finishing in Evesham. There’s a corresponding printed guide and app, the latter providing points of interest on route. Virtual medals aplenty for finishers. Free.


I’m new to this game, but I love it. It started in Scandinavia maybe 10 years ago, and people now compete around the world playing it.

The aim is to take control of zones, small areas dotted all over the place which you take by standing in the zone for a few seconds. Zones mean points. And then that’s it.

There’s about 30 zones in Worcester, but as you play you can suggest more zones. Phone app. Free.

Pokemon Go

I’m throwing this in at the end. Suddenly children are asking to go for a walk, or out on the bikes.

OK, we’re trying to catch digital animals, but we’re also outside! The bike enables more ground to be covered, so more Pokestops, Gyms, Battles and Candy. Phone app. Free.

So there you go. Fun + fun = FunFun. Happy pedalling.

(* Bike Worcester is contactable via usual channels, or you can send us a postcard to the bunker)