A COUPLE have held on to a Tesco St Peter's receipt since 1989 - and it gives a fascinating insight into our shopping habits.

The 31-year-old receipt was handed to Tesco St Peter's store manager Steve Winfield who did a comparison of what the total would be today.

The shopping list of 24 items, which included Banks's Bitter, Swiss roll and prawns, cost £24.57 back in 1989.

A similar shopping trolley of food would come to around £33.22 today, and would be even cheaper with Tesco Clubcard discounts.

The receipt, which is in pristine condition, has the old Worcester dialling code at the bottom 0905 and the supermarket's old tagline 'Changing the way Britain shops'.

It gives an insight into how prices have changed - and remained the same - over the years.

Mr Winfield said: "It is amazing really, my team leader Jo asked me to come meet two customers who were in store on their 64th wedding anniversary.

"They have been shopping with us for a long time and we presented them with some flowers and that's when they told me they still had the receipt from the first time they shopped at the store.

"They had just moved to the area and had kept the receipt from their first shopping trip."

Tesco St Peter's opened in 1987 at the same time as the estate was being built.

The receipt reveals changes in the way people shop - from Banks's Bitter no longer being sold in a four pack of cans to the retro items such as Nice biscuits, prawns and trifle sponges.

Worcester News:

"What I find fascinating is they were probably doing a bit of a Christmas shop because you can see mincemeat and walnut halves on there.

"They had pork ribs but that would have most likely been bought off the counter we used to have."

The old receipt has sparked interest among colleagues and Mr Whinfield has now asked staff if they have any other old items from their time at Tesco.

Mr Winfield, who has worked for Tesco since 1995, said: "One of the managers shared pictures of her old badges but what I would really like to get is some of the old dresses we had as uniform.

"I'm going to hold on to the t-shirts we wore during the pandemic too.

"It's just interesting to think about the way we used to shop 30 years ago and wonder how we would shop in 30 years' time.

"Of course back in 1989 we didn't have Scan as you Shop or the self service tills, you wouldn't have had online or home delivery or even the Tesco Clubcard.

"We have lots of loyal customers like this couple and I am really proud to be the store manager in my hometown which is why I found this receipt really interesting."