HUNDREDS of dangerous drivers have been slapped with fines, police visits and prosecutions after being caught on dashcam footage.

Dashcam footage of 409 reckless drivers in south Worcestershire has been submitted to police by other road users already this year.

The number of submissions made through Operation Snap - where road users can send the footage direct to the police - has been steadily increasing since it launched in 2018.

A Freedom of Information request by Worcester News found that 1,473 dashcam videos of alleged dangerous driving recorded in south Worcestershire have been sent to police since the operation launched. 

Drivers caught by the footage have been found guilty of offences including careless driving, dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

They were also caught running red lights, going down streets with no entry signs and crossing solid white lines to take over other vehicles.

A cyclist from Ronkswood has shared up to 20 incidents of alleged bad driving a month and was a witness at court as a result of one report.

He said: "It’s a good thing, police can’t be everywhere and drivers know that and think they can get away with bad driving.

"Having been to court for one report, even after sentencing I’m still not sure the guy understood what he had done wrong.

"But if he gives cyclists more room in future that’s a good thing."
Another cyclist, who regularly bikes to school with his child, said he had reported 15 drivers since May, mainly in Worcester.

"I will always report close passes where I think the distance from my handlebars to the car is under 1.5m.

"The close passes and dangerous driving is my number one concern as my children get old enough to think about riding to school on their own."

He believes that Operation Snap may be having a positive effect on drivers' attitudes.

"I occasionally notice a car being super cautious around me and I assume this is because a helmet camera has been spotted.

"Drivers should know that any cyclist they pass might be running a camera, sometimes clearly visible on a helmet, but often under handlebars or saddle where they won’t see it."

However, they are both frustrated they do not know the outcome of their reports.

"Of the 15 reports I’ve made to West Mercia, I have had no feedback.

"This would be useful as it would be nice to know if I am wasting my time or if there is anything I should do differently, for example where I mount the camera, so that the police are able to assess speed and distance from me."

There are currently 381 prosecutions pending across the West Mercia force area, as of last month.

Across West Mercia, 930 drivers have been ordered to take driver improvement/awareness courses while 175 drivers have received points and a fine since the operation launched.

A further 201 people have had a summons to attend court.

There have also been:

  • four Section 59 warnings 
  • 86 traffic officer personal visits
  • 3232 advisory letters sent
  • 212 road traffic collisions reported
  • 90 visits by the Safer Neighbourhood Team

Superintendent Gareth Morgan, West Mercia Police, said: “We’re really pleased to see the number of submissions increasing year on year through Operation Snap.

"Through the submission of dashcam, helmet camera and mobile phone footage, members of the public can play a key role in improving the safety of our roads.

"Thank you to those who have already taken the time to submit footage, it really does make a difference.”
To make a report, visit and search Operation Snap.