CUSTOMERS of Vodafone, EE and O2 have been warned to expect roaming charges when they use their mobile phone abroad.

The companies have reintroduced the charges for Britons travelling in Europe.

UK travellers have enjoyed no roaming charges in European Union countries since they were abolished on June 15th, 2017.

However, after the UK voted to leave the EU the comapnies have brought back in charges in some form.

Some have introduced the charges straight away if you use your phone in the EU while others will allow a fair use limit before charges kick in.


Vodafone is one of the latest mobile phone companies to announce they will be reintroducing the charges.

People who join, upgrade or change their plan from August 11 may face tarriffs while on holiday.

Pay monthly users will have to pay up to £2 a day to use their UK allowance of data, minutes and texts.

People who stay on their current plan should not be affected by the changes.

A statement from the company said: "If your plan doesn’t include roaming in Europe, there will be a daily charge for using your phone in our European roaming zones.

The charges will start on January 6, 2022 for personal and small business customers."

Roaming charges should not apply to people on the Xtra Airtime Plans with 4 Xtra benefits and it is not making any changes to VOXI, Pay as you go plans, Talkmobile or Vodafone Basics at this time.


New and upgrading EE customers should expect to pay a flat rate of £2 a day when they go abroad.

From January 2022, they will be charged to use their minutes, texts and data allowances in the European roaming zone.


Three customers' fair use limit has been reduced to 12GB of data before they will be made to pay a surcharge.


People using a mobile on an O2 contract will also be able to use their phone in Europe without charge up to a fair use limit. 

Customers with a UK monthly data allowance over 25GB will have a roaming limit of 25GB when roaming in our Europe Zone.

Once they have reached the limit they will be charged at £3.50/GB.