'MINDLESS' vandals who caused damage in Gheluvelt Park should be named and shamed.

So says the group organised to look after the area after yobs smashed glass on paths and threw a nature trail sign and beer bottles into Barbourne Brook this week.

Chairwoman Jude Allen said the vast majority of people were respectful of the park and there are only a minority of incidents of anti-social behaviour.

"Gheluvelt Park is simply a beautiful place to visit," she said.

"The kind of mindless vandalism we have seen recently is nothing new and will only help strengthen the parks partnerships of users, council, residents, volunteers and Friends members, they will continue to make it a great place to visit.

"Whilst it is extremely disappointing that such thoughtless, selfish acts occur, the majority of those using the park do so responsibly and value and respect the recreational opportunities the park provides.

"We want to harness the enthusiasm people have for the park so if anyone has any great ideas of how to tackle these issues please let us know."

People have reported issues to the Friends group such as litter despite numerous bins and low-level anti-social behaviour such as noise after dark.

She added: "It's difficult to know what would stop this kind of mindless individuals or if anything could.

Worcester News:

"Maybe a few strategically placed wildlife cameras could catch those up to no good and the images put out there for people to see, name and shame.

"More police patrols after dark perhaps."

There have also been efforts made by the Friends group to counter the anti-social behaviour too.

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This includes holding a summer youth club at the Sons of Rest building and opening the Splash Pad for teenagers in the evening.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: “Worcester City Council’s parks teams are in action early every morning to make sure the city’s premier parks are clean, tidy and safe for visitors."

He added that anyone who does find a problem in one of the parks should email www.worcester.gov.uk/report-it.