RESIDENTS opposed to a mushroom factory being built in Pinvin insist they are unmoved by amendments to plans.

Walsh Mushrooms submitted an amendment to Wychavon District Council planners proposing a “reduction in number of polytunnels and revised layout moving buildings away from the east and west boundaries”.

Villagers say the "enormous" factory would dominate the landscape yards from homes and schools and would bring noise, dust and dirt with Pinvin Parish Council ready to take on its Wychavon counterparts to halt plans for the factory.

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The company’s initial aim was to build 81 poly tunnels – tunnels typically made from steel and covered in polyethylene – and associated buildings on a plot covering more than 50,000 square metres on the A44 just 200 metres from the village and Councillor Steve Mitchell, vice-chairman of Pinvin Parish Council, reckons the alterations will make no tangible difference.

“They have issued new plans taking it 40 metres farther away from the village and reducing the number of tunnels by 12,” he said.

“Our position hasn’t changed at all, I suspect theirs hasn’t in terms of wanting to put it there. They hope to keep us quiet by moving farther away but it is still within 200 metres of the school.

“It is still a large factory proposed for green fields at the side of the village so very little has changed. They have not brought out any further documentation on the highways, drainage or anything like that.

“We are going to need a final push with protests and things over the next month.”

While the village is largely united against the plans, support from the wider region has not been as forthcoming with comments online pointing towards the need to produce food.

In response, Cllr Mitchell said: “If it was just a farm in the area we would be quite happy but it is a mushroom factory, an industrial unit and farming has nothing to do with it.

“It makes no use of the land at all, it is based purely on growing tunnels that stand on concrete. It could be placed anywhere, the town centre (Evesham) for instance.

“There is a nice piece of land that would be ideal for it but it is expensive so they don’t want to build it there.

“I have seen the comments, some people say we have to have food and I agree with that. Farm-produced food, fine, factory-made food is not so great for a countryside area.”

A date has yet to be set for Wychavon's planning committee to debate the plans.

Walsh Mushrooms has been approached for comment.