RAPE alarms are being handed out to weekend party goers in the city centre.

The Worcester BID, Worcester City Council and West Mercia Police officers were seen handing out the alarms to young people in the centre of town last weekend.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, has allocated funding for 5,000 personal safety alarms as a part of his pledge to 'tackle violence against women.'

He says offering these free alarms provides 'personal safety' for potentially vulnerable individuals and with the night time economy returning to 'some normality' after the last 18 months, he says 'it is evident we need to do more to ensure our community is safe'.

The personal safety alarms have been distributed across West Mercia area to those 'enjoying the night time economy'.

PCC Campion said "We need to keep our focus on the attitudes of predominantly men in our community who find it acceptable to perpetrate this unwanted and sometimes sexually violent behaviour towards predominantly women.

"Until we can make this permanent change in society I continue to aim to support and protect those potential victims.

"I fully recognise and understand that these alarms will not solve the problem overnight. I hope those who receive the alarms never need to use them, providing them to people just in case offers a comfort should they ever be needed.

"The personal safety alarms are recommended for self-protection and can act as a deterrent to potential perpetrators, making these easily accessible across the counties, is a step towards making a safer West Mercia."

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