TWO best friends are set to open their first salon in Tolladine after being hairdressers for over a decade.

Katie LaCroix, 33, and her childhood best friend Vicki Hough, 34, from Warndon, are finally opening the salon of their dreams after years of working side by side cutting hair.

Worcester News:

Unit C, will open on September 1 in the newly rejuvenated row of shops in Rose Avenue.

Miss LaCroix said: "Me and Vicki have been friends since school, then we went to college together and worked at another Worcester salon after that.

"It has always been our dream to open up a salon of our very own, but after both falling pregnant at the same time we put our plans on hold and began mobile hairdressing so we could raise our children.

Worcester News: SALON: Best friends Katie LaCroix and Vicki Hough are opening a brand new hair salon in the newly rejuvenated Rose Avenue

"Now, finally it is our time to shine. We started looking at Unit C in Rose Avenue two years ago when I found out the were giving the area a revamp and it was the last one available. So, we snapped it up, we have been able to watch it literally being built from the ground up.

Worcester News:

"It's been a long old wait especially as the build was delayed by Covid, but now it is all done and we are ready to welcome customers in!

"We feel very fortunate that everything has fallen into place at just the right time, obviously Covid hit the hair and beauty industry very hard, but now things are bouncing back to normal and we feel it's the perfect time to bring some glitz and glamour to Rose Avenue.

Worcester News:

"I am super impressed with the renovation of the area it has really been given a make over. I know some people think it's a bad area, but it's really not. They are spending a lot of money on Tolladine now and everything looks fantastic.

"We have had loads of lovely comments from people about our salon and how it looks. We are excited to get in there an get to work.

"I must say a huge thank you to all my friends and family who have been with us throughout the whole process and helped us to make it our own.

"We have spent many a night on the concrete floor inside the salon after painting with the kids eating chips from next door! It has really brought us all together. We couldn't have done it without them."